Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Blind Man Who Could See

Seeing is believing and a 73-year-old man that lost his eyesight thirty years ago can now believe - his sight is back. With the help of a bionic eye, Ron can now track light and make out basic shapes. He says he can short socks for the first time in thirty years.  

Ron's experimental surgery took place at London's Moorfield's eye hospital. A tiny camera mounted on a pair of sunglasses transmits data via a cable to electrodes that sit upon Ron's retinas. When the electrodes are stimulated they transmit messages to the optic nerve in Ron's brain, which in turn allows him to see the light pattern experienced by the camera. 

With training, patients will be able to create meaningful images based on the light patterns they can now see. To date, eighteen people have bionic eyes and more will follow. 

Originally reported by the BBC.  


MeMoe said...

Can I follow your blog? It's so nice top hear about the GOOD news every once in a while. Thanks! ~ Memoe

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