Sunday, April 12, 2009

Scars Be Gone

Scars are a part of life, but not for much longer. Scientists have discovered a drug that reduces the appearance of surgical scars. 

Scaring is prevented when the compound, avotemin, is injected into the skin around a surgical incision before and after a surgery. Avotemin works to send signals between cells so the body's collagen knits more effectively, which reduces scars. 

With more research the compound may result in an anti-scaring treatment. Even thought the drug is only cosmetic it can help people feel better about themselves - always a good thing. No one wants to be reminded of their injuries and illnesses. 

Originally reported by Daily Mail. 

Sunday, April 5, 2009

"The Pill" For Men and Infertility Cure

A recent study on sperm may result in a win for everyone. Researchers discovered a gene mutation that causes infertility and the discovery may lead to  a cure. The discovery may also lead to the development of a male contraceptive pill. In just one study two issues may be addressed. 

The researchers were initially trying to isolate genetic causes of deafness, but instead found two different DNA mutations in the CATSPER 1 gene that effected a man's ability to produce a protein related to sperm "hyperactivity," or sperms ability to move fast enough to penetrate a female egg.

It is possible that antibodies could be developed that could bind to the defective protein thus creating healthy, active sperm. Additionally, the mutation would be selectively applied in pill form and create a male birth control pill. Both applications need more research and development. Nevertheless - there's hope for those who and don't want children. 

Originally reported by the BBC