Friday, February 20, 2009

Peanut Allergy Cure?

An allergy to peanuts is no joke. For some, just smelling peanuts can result in a fatal reaction. Which makes finding a cure all the more important and useful. A team from Cambridge's Addenbrooke's Hospital may have done just that. The team effectively cured four children of their peanut allergy. 

Over the course of six mouths, the team gave the children larger and larger exposures to peanuts to build up their bodies' tolerance to the nut. By the end of the six month period the children could eat five peanuts a day and have no reaction. This is the first food allergy to be mitigated by exposure. 

Even though more testing needs to be done on the method, it does give people with the debilitating allergy hope. People with peanut allergies agonize over food products and often can't eat in certain restaurants because of the allergy. 

If the allergy is curable that means improved quality of life. (It also means airlines might start serving peanuts again. Here's hoping.) 

Originally reported by the BBC


barb said...

If you don't create the allergy in the first place, you wouldn't have to cure it. It has been known since 1839 that injections can cause food allergies.

Children received:
1960 – 1-2 vaccines
1980 - 8-9 vaccines
1990 - 10 vaccines
2000 - 33 vaccinations
2007 - 48 doses of 14 vaccines by age 6

Vaccines contain an adjuvant that increases the body’s immune response to the protein in the vaccine. Something that the public and most physicians don’t realize is that the adjuvant can contain a trace of food protein. This is a protected trade secret and does not have to appear on the package insert. Soy, sesame, peanut, wheat germ, corn, shellfish, and fish oils are listed as ingredients in the patents.

Arcadia said...

Many people have all kind of allergies from a bee sting to a peanut.
I that this article represents a hope for many people out there, even if their work is at the beginning.

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eda said...



sam♥ said...

I wonder if they'll ever make a cure for a dust allergy! This is amazing though. And to Barb, although you make a great point, we also need those vaccines for many different reasons... The vaccines do more good than bad.