Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Don't Forget to Exercise

If you don't enjoy exercise the following post may not be good news; if you do enjoy a good sweat read on. Exercise may improve memory. Scientists at the University of Melbourne found that adults with mild memory problems may experience memory improvement by exercising. The scientists focused on a group of 138 volunteers over the age of 50. The people who participated in home-based exercise demonstrated modest cognitive improvement. The study suggests physical activity may delay or offset mental decline. 
(Originally reported by the BBC.)


Island Chic said...

Love the whole idea of this blog! It's grt. Makes ur readers upbeat! :-)

Scooped! said...

Yeh, nice blog - good to have a bit of cheer.
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Fun T-shirts said...

well, that explains why I sometimes feel like I'm losing my mind :)

Chikito said...

Exercise is great! I love it so much!!!