Monday, September 8, 2008

Intel Develops Faster, Eco-Friendly Chips

Using your computer just got a little better today - Intel announced the launch of four new server chips. The chips are the fastest among Intel's growing family. They are also more environmentally friendly. Intel's chips had contained halogen, which is a rather toxic fire retardant. Intel wants to move away from halogen packaging because it is difficult to recycle and release toxins if incinerated. 

Among the family of chips, the Xeon X5270 has a clock frequency of 3.5 gigahertz, making it the fastest among Intel's "Core" chips. Raising the clock frequency posses a technical challenge, yet Intel has done it again with the Xeon family of chips, while also managing to be environmentally responsible.  

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Marla said...

not that you are the award type... nor do you run in that circle.. but i wanted to know that i love coming here and reading your good news so much that i sent you an award... enjoy the day...

Kimberly Gengler said...

Thanks Marla! I hope you keep reading.