Saturday, October 18, 2008

Runners May Age Slower

Despite our differences we do have at least one thing in common; our desire to age slower and remain active as we age. A new study found that runners live active lives longer and are half as likely to die early compared to non-runners. 

Dr. James Fries and his team of researchers followed 500 runners who were over the age of 50 for 20 years. During this period 34 percent of non-runners in a similar group died compared to 19 percent of runners. The researchers also found that the appearance of disabilities came, on average, 16 years later for those who ran. The runner group also exhibited fewer early deaths from cancer, neurological disease, and infections. They also prolonged the onset of cardiovascular diseases.   

The take away: It's possible to live longer and live well if you're willing to put in some miles and invest in sneakers. 


eclectic62442 said...

But won't that involve exercise? :P

Seriously though, if someone invented a sports bra with decent enough support, I'd absolutely do that.

thumbsUpsmile said...

I knew it!
Healthy and active people are always the happiest :)

Sailing Past Maturity Straight into Senility said...

I am continually amazed that we are always interested in living LONGER, but not necessarily living BETTER.

I like being healthy because I do feel better - but I've made it to 53, and to me, that alone is amazing.

Thanks for a neat blog.