Monday, October 20, 2008

Technology Bringing Families Together

Technology is often blamed for our social woes; however technologies like cell phones, the Internet, social networking sites, and email are bringing families closer together, according to the Pew Institute

Based on a survey of 2,252 Americans, Pew found that 51 percent of families use the Internet as a social activity and browse sites together. Likewise, families use cell phones to touch base with one another - 42 percent of parents used cell phones to speak with their children daily. When asked about the role technology within their family, 47 percent of respondents felt technology increased the quality of contact with family members they lived with and 53 percent felt quality of contact was increased with distant family members. 

People have long speculate that technology isolates us and drives a divided between family members, yet the study shows people use technology to increased social connections. 

Originally reported by the BBC.  


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