Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Diamonds Are Forever; So Is Tequila

Diamonds and tequila didn't have much in common until physicists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico discovered a method of creating synthetic diamonds from tequila. Although the diamonds created through this process aren't large enough to be used for jewelry, they can be used for industrial purposes like computer chips and ultra-fine cutting instruments. 

This discovery is curious, but also amazing considering the process is cheap. Even the most inexpensive tequila - we're talking a 3 dollar bottle - can be used to create diamonds. Using lots of heat, liquid tequila it turned into vapor. These tequila gas molecules are then broken up into particles by heating the vapor to about 800 degrees Celsius. Once the the molecules are broken, you get carbon atoms that can be arranged in the shape of a very thin diamond film. 

Going forward, Mexico could produce super-cheap industrial diamond products that benefit multiple industries.  Let's drink to that. 

Originally reported by the BBC