Friday, November 14, 2008

HPV Vaccine Protects Men Too

The Gardasil vaccine that prevents HPV, or the sexually transmitted disease that causes cervical cancer in women, may also protect men against the wart virus. The maker Merck and Co found the vaccine was 90 percent effective in preventing warts caused by the virus in men. It was also 45 percent effective in preventing infection with the four stains of HPV the vaccine targets. 

This is exciting news when you consider that HPV (human papilloma virus) is the world's most common sexually transmitted disease. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate there are 20 million Americans currently infected with the disease. The virus is the main cause of cervical cancer and also causes anal, penis, mouth and neck cancer. 

Going forward, Merck and Co plan to study whether vaccinating men protects their female sexual partners. If the vaccine does prevent the spread of the HPV, a major preventative milestone will be met. 

Originally reported by Reuters

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Hahaha, this should mean all the boys at our school have to put up with those 3 jags too!