Saturday, December 13, 2008

Good News Girls: Intelligence Affects Reproductivity

Those worried about having smart children should be encouraged - a recent study showed a correlation between a man's intelligence and his sperm quality. Men who scored higher on intelligence tests tended to have more mobile sperm. Their sperm count also tended to be higher.  

The study, conducted by the UK's Institute of Psychiatry, indicates the genes that dictate intelligence have other biological effects. Although lifestyle does impact intelligence, the study shows people with more robust genes tend to also be smarter. 

So ladies - your intelligent guy may be more likely to produce smart offspring. Consider this as you journey out this fine Saturday night. 

Originally reported by the BBC.  


The Baroness said...

Thank goodness for that! lol
Somehow I doubt that this is foolproof. Stupid guys have kids all the time.

Richard said...

thats great news cos i can add up......and stuff!

Great blog :-)