Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Drug Raises Immune System Response to HIV

If only there was a way to raise the body's immune system's response to HIV, giving it the ability to fight off the virus. That wish may become reality - a group of scientists believe a drug they have tested on monkeys could help humans fight HIV and halt the illness's progression in carriers.  

When infected monkeys were given one treatment of the new drug they lived twice as long. The drug triggered their immune system's response to the virus. The problem with current antiretroviral drugs is that they must be taken over and over, which results in drug resistance from the body. The new drug works so well that just a few treatments could result in the body fighting of the virus completely. 

This new HIV drug is a long way from entering the market, but scientist agree their research is promising. 

Originally reported by the BBC. Picture from SPL.   


joey gough said...

Hi.I am a PLWHA HIV-AIDs education & awareness speaker for access aids sudbury(NW of T.O.Can.)I just wantd to thank-you for posting stories on HIV research.It bring's hope to the hopeless.Keep up the great work!ps.U R HOT!have a great day eh!!!james gough,sud ont can.

The Baroness said...

Gosh, this is great news. Thanks as always for the great stories!