Monday, June 30, 2008

Smoking Ban for the Netherlands

A tobacco smoking ban takes affect in the Netherlands this Tuesday. The ban prevents smoking in cafes, bars, and restaurants. Similar bans have become increasingly popular across Europe. The Dutch ban still allows people to smoke marijuana in cannabis clubs, however tobacco can't be mixed with the marijuana. 

The ban is good news for public health in general and non-smokers who don't enjoy smelling like ashtrays. Of course smokers won't consider the ban a positive thing, but in the end it might save them money because they'll smoke less. That's something to rejoice in. 

(Original reporting by the BBC.)


jcert said...

germany is on the same page. boy, people were angry! apparently, some of the pubs need to close down now because people don't stay there anymore smoking cigarette after cigarette...
i say, it's only a matter of time for everyone to get adjusted. it works here. and i love it! :)

Kimberly Gengler said...

I agree the smoking ban has been a really positive thing in the States, but takes some getting use to. People who don't smoke go out more and make up for the people who smoke and don't stay. Besides, people who are going to go out WILL go out whether you can smoke or not.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Jane said...

That's so true. When there was a similar ban here in Manila, I rejoiced because I could finally go clubbing without breathing in all the smoke.