Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Washington's Childhood Home Discovered

Good news for history buffs and George Washington enthusiasts: the first president's childhood home was discovered by archaeologists. The family farm, located in Virgina 50 miles south of Washington D.C., was excavated over the span of three years. This discovery means insights into the life of one of the founding fathers. It also means discrediting the cherry tree story. Apparently there are and were no cherry trees around the farm. However, other characteristic indicate the farm is the read deal.

Maybe the discovery will lead to a more accurate depiction of U.S. history; one that is not romanticized. Hell - the archaeologists might even find Washington's wooden dentures. Now that would be a discovery! Regardless, the site offers another tourist destination for this summer.

(Originally reported by The New York Times.)


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it's funny that they need to excavate it. sounds like it's been 2000 years old. ;)