Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Seniors Have More Sex

Getting older just got better, especially if you hope to get laid. A recent Swedish study reported that the sex lives of seniors have improved over the last three decades. The study mirrors those done in the United States, which also indicate that seniors are having more and better sex.

The study tracked 1,500 seniors since 1970. The participants were 70 years 0ld at the time they were interviewed. Through these interviews researchers discovered that today's seniors are having more sex than their counterparts 30 years earlier. Today's seniors also have more positive attitudes toward sex. Both married and unmarried seniors have more sex.

With this news in mind retirement homes and assisted living facilities will have to start stocking condoms!

(Originally reported by The New York Times.)


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Marc said...

better sex = better health

MixMax said...

The study did not indicate whether those seniors referred to were men or women? Interesting indeed!