Monday, July 28, 2008

Wildfires May Slow Artic Warming

Wildfires are nothing to celebrate, however a recent study indicates the smoke from the North American fires may briefly slow the rate temperatures rise in the arctic. The smoke has a cooling effect by creating a buffer layer of aerosols that reduce the amount of sunlight hitting the earth's surface. Researchers believe the effect could last into the fall, which means the effects of greenhouse gases are curbed for right now.

Even though nobody wants to have their lungs filled with smoke or have forest and property damaged, the wildfires have something positive going for them. If only every disaster had a silver lining, or in this case a black billowing lining.

(Originally reported by National Geographic.)


Great Gifts said...

Now that is suprising news, but very welcome for our planet, in an unusual way.

Kimberly Gengler said...

I know! When I read the article I was amazed.

Whos That Lady said...

It is finally nice to hear some good news.

When you watch the news on television you wonder if anything good ever happens.

MRJ68 said...

Wow that's interesting news...kinda weird.

Reclusive Hacker said...

hey cool good idea

Dr. Julie Armstrong said...

Huh. Who knew?

They have been pretty horrible, thanks for the silver (or is that charcoal) lining!