Saturday, July 26, 2008

College Campuses Ranked On Green Efforts

Imagine a world where colleges are judged not only on the education they provide but also how environmentally responsible they are. Actually, you don't have to imagine this because the Princeton Review has added a green ranking to its list of criteria that students use to judge colleges. Student may now see how colleges compare on their efforts to be environmentally friendly. 

College across the country are setting standards to decrease the energy they use and the waste they produce in order to get a better ranking. Among the best ranked colleges you'll find Bates, Harvard, Arizona State, Emory, Yale, and the Universities of New Hampshire, Oregon, and Washington. 

This is a great example of consumer demands (those being students wanting a green campus) forcing suppliers (those being colleges) to clean up their act in order to get business. 

(Originally reported by the New York Times.)

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