Thursday, July 24, 2008

EU to Ban Seal Products

Seals everywhere may rejoice in the near future. The European Union has proposed a ban on seal products. Granted, the EU isn't going to ban all seal products, just those obtained through "cruel hunting methods." These methods include skinning seal while they are still alive to protect their valuable coats.

If the ban goes into effect, Canada will face the most economic effect. Canadian hunters kill up 300,000 seals each year and is the world's biggest seal exporter. Countries like Belgium and the United States already have bans on Canadian seal products. The U.S. policy was went into effect in 1972.

If the ban does go into effect, it will force Canada to regulate it's hunting practices. This would mean more human treatment for seals - a good thing since they are so cute.

(Originally reported by BBC News. Photo from BBC News.)


Sabrina said...

yeah for the seals. my grandmother had a fur coat made out of seal -think I should still wear it?

Kimberly Gengler said...

That's funny - my grandmother had a seal coat too. It's a shame I have morals and won't wear it because the coat is so soft and nice.