Saturday, July 19, 2008

Researchers Discover More Alcohol in Drinks

Enjoy tipping back a few drinks? Unlike other commodities, alcohol is being distributed more liberally, which might be good news for those looking for a good time. According to a recent study, glasses of beer, wine, and other alcoholic drinks contain up to 43 percent more alcohol than what's considered a standard unit. Researchers in California went to 80 bars and found more alcohol in the drinks served (Cheerful Scoop is convinced they went to a bar in San Francisco called Trader Vics to do this research).

This news could be framed negatively because people may drink more than they intend. However, in keeping with Cheerful Scoop's positive outlook we'll salute the good times to be had for less money. Here's to a great night on the town - drink up and buy less.


LT said...

Yeah, I would say Trader Sam puts approximately 500% more alcohol than standard in their drinks... as well as 500% more sugar.

jcert said...

Hear, hear.

Kimberly Gengler said...

I can deal with the alcohol, but the sugar kills me.