Wednesday, July 16, 2008

U.S .Tries to Avoid War with Iran

The Bush administration has joined talks with Iran that will address their nuclear program and make an effort to avoid potential military action. The Bush administration has refused to join talks with Iran unless they discontinued their uranium enrichment efforts. As the president's term nears an end, the administration has changed its tune and joined talks despite Iran's refusal to disband their uranium enrichment. The policy change may have to do with increased oil prices and the administrations desire to not only avoid conflict but also gain access to Iranian oil.

Whatever is behind the Bush administration's policy about-face, it's good news for the United States, which cannot afford another war. It's also thrilling to see and administration that scorns diplomacy join an internationally lead effort to work things out with the Middle East. Bush gets a gold star for this one.

(Originally reported by Thomson Reuters.)

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