Tuesday, July 29, 2008

L.A. Earthquake Doesn't Touch Energy Infrastructure

Earthquakes usually don't produce any good news, but today's L.A. earthquake did not effect the city and surrounding area's energy infrastructure. Instead of massive power outages, ruptured pipes, crushed buildings and fires the city had minimal power outages. Oil refineries, pipelines, nuclear plants and the city's electrical grid were intact after the moderate quake and after shocks subsided. Moments like these make you feel grateful because things could have been way worse.

(Originally reported by Reuters.)

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Of The Age Where I Should Know Much Better said...

Thank you so much for this 'up' blog!

I grew up in Los Angeles as it was undergoing much of the 'earthquake proofing'. It was annoying and expensive and seemed silly by all of us taxpayers - and now, of course, it is saving millions of lives in every quake.