Monday, August 25, 2008

1,000 Dogs Rescued from Puppy Mill

One thousand dogs were rescued from a West Virginia puppy mill that used the Internet to market and sell the dogs. The rescue operation set a record for West Virginia and was also one of the largest animal rescues nation-wide. 

After police arrested the kennel owners, the local Human Society spent the weekend assessing the dogs' health. Most of the dogs were in good health, although some were dehydrated. Over a dozen volunteers worked to clean cages, prepare food, and gather supplies for the massive amount of dogs, which range in age from puppies to full-grown adults. Now the Human Society must find homes for the dogs. This may be daunting task, but at least the dogs are safe and being well cared for. 

(Originally reported by the United Press International.)


vickysplace1 said...

I love dogs and especially my two Boston Bull Terriers. I have a great recipe for dog biscuits on my blog--my dogs love them.

Anonymous said...

if we had more space and time i'd be happy to take one in... :)

Sabrina said...

oh I wish I could take one - I'd love to have a dog, keep those animal stories coming!

Victoria said...

Hooray! I just found your blog, and scrolling through the past entries, this one definitely cheered me up.