Thursday, August 14, 2008

No Charges for Christian Bale

Today was a good day for Christian Bale - he no longer faces assault charges. Last month police arrested Bale after he allegedly lashed out at family members in front of London's Dorchester Hotel. The Crown Prosecution Service found there was not sufficient evidence to attain a conviction and advised policy to drop the matter. 

The actor has stressed the private nature of the incident. In a statement made by his publicist, Bale was "relieved that this issue has been resolved and hopes to put the matter firmly behind him." 

For Bale fans, this is wonderful news. No one likes to see their favorite actor go to jail. 

(Originally reported by the BBC. Picture supplied by the BBC.)


The Baroness said...

Thank goodness! It's so sad that these celebrities always have to have their business all over the news, so it's great that at least this one thing is over for him!

Etiquette Bitch said...

and how is this good news? i realize it's good news for Bale, but, jeez, beating up on women is just lame, cowardly, wrong, rude...shall i continue? you're as bad as the NYT, praising a wife-beater.

Cillian Delany said...

I have always been a fan of his and was shocked when I heard of the accusations Alas! justice has been served

markjoy said...

No one knows the circumstances around him. There was not sufficient evidence to convict him, so why assume that the accusations are true?

Mabel said...

We can't really make judgments here because we don't know the circumstances he was in, and you all know how the press tends to exaggerate things just to make a better story, that doesn't mean that what he did was fine, it just means that maybe it's ok to give him the benefit of doubt.

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