Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Green Technology Goes to the Races

In an international race called the "Formula Zero," five teams with zero-emission go-karts competed to see whose green technology and skill would prevail. The event marked the world's first international hydrogen-powered race. The race took place in Rotterdam and drew contestants from the UK, US, Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium. 

The Spanish team won the fastest lap contest, while the Dutch team won the endurance contest. The Dutch team's endurance win made them the champions of the "Formula Zero." Their go-kart, powered by a fuel cell, proved to stand up the best, while Spain's fast car tended to be unreliable. Maybe the event will encourage more environmentally friendly racing. 

(Originally reported by the BBC.)


ignightme said...

Now, if only we could get more of the Automotive companies to look at Fuel Cell technology in this fashion maybe we could see a decrease in gas prices and improvements for the environment. Granted it may take a few years for this technology to become cheap enough to really use but if efforts were put forth perhaps it could pay off in the long run

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