Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mexico Creates an Anti-Kidnap Squad

After a prominent business man's son was kidnaped and killed, Mexico's general public cried out for action and the country's authorities created an anti-kidnap squad. The squad has 300 officers that are distributed throughout five centers. The centers are open 24 hours a day. The centers are much needed when you consider how many abductions took place in 2007 - more than 430 abductions were reported. This number is up 35 percent from the previous year. 

Thankfully, the government has chosen to do something about the problem and has dedicated resources and funding to stopping the problem. It's good to see proactive action from authorities. 

(Originally reported by the BBC.)


A.D. McClish said...

I really like your blog. What a great, positive idea. And I will be happy to know about this anti-kidnapping squad if ever I find myself in Mexico! :) Great blog.

Debbie said...

Good Morning ~ Found your blog through 'blogs of note' and truly enjoyed my visit. It is time we all focused on the positive ~ and all of the good in the world. I will be back for another scoop soon. Take care.

hopetocope said...

Hello Kimberly,

I enjoy your blog. In fact I put it as one of my favorites, on my blog - hopetocope.blogspot.com. We all need some positive news, through the rough times, to help us cope sometimes.

Keep up the good work!


Ed T. said...

I know it's nothing to joke about but anti-kidnap squad? That sounds like some kind of cool super hero team or something.

Lee said...

My daughter's friend was kidnapped at an ATM down there, so it seems like a good idea. (His family paid and he's okay.)

blend77 said...

This is wonderful! A friend just turned me on to this and I completely back the whole idea!

I would like to give you a shout on my page.

adam said...

positivity is always a good approach. love the blog, good luck with it!

The ARK Shop said...
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The ARK Shop said...

Hi Kimberly,
I love your blog! I am glad to see that there are others out there who believe there is just too much of the negative. I have added your blog to my favorite links. Great job!

A Beautiful Contradiction said...

I love the topic of your blog. I am sick of reading news about murder, rape, scams, burglaries, etc.

I agree with hopetocope - we do need positive news. It helps us deal with the negative.

Mariah Byron Edgington said...

Kimberly: This is great stuff. It so happens we're in the positive is better business, too. Congratulations, and happy blogging. If you're up for a positive story that will warm your heart, and that you can post if you choose, let us know and we'll pass it along. It's really awesome.

Byron & Mariah in Columbus OH


Moblibar said...

I am mexican and the kidnap is a big problem here, every 6 hrs a kidnap happend. 1 of every 20 victims are murdered by this idiots. The police can´t do anithing and the rich people is living the country. Is a shame.

JFS said...

It's about time they start doing stuff like that. Mexico is truly a shame.


Rob Anderson said...

They should do something like the amber alert like we have in the US. It works pretty well, they have found many kidnappers by using the system.

DRchiick21 said...

Great thing to know, hopefully the government has chosen to do something about those kidnaps.
It's been too much in Mexico knowing how much they had reported so many abductions in the past year.
It's horrible to know when someone's kid is kidnapped.
It's good to know that in Mexico has created an Anti-Kidnap Squad. I do wish them the best to grow and be successful!


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